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Supply industry


Electricity Engineers' Association of New Zealand (EEA)

Operating for over 75 years, the EEA is committed to providing the New Zealand electricity supply industry with leadership, expertise and information on technical, engineering and safety issues affecting the electricity industry.


Electricity Networks Association (ENA)

The Electricity Networks Association (ENA) represents the companies that manage local electricity systems that sit between the national grid on the one hand, and residential, commercial and industrial consumers on the other.



Connexis (incorporating the former ESITO) is the Industry Training Organisation (ITO) for New Zealand’s infrastructure industries including electricity supply.



MITO (incorporating the former EXITO) provides on the job training and career pathways through our NZQA approved qualifications, including skills and knowledge in the extractive sectors.


Our 2,288km transmission network meets the exacting demands of the country's industrial giants, delivering large quantities of gas at short notice.


Gas Association of New Zealand (GANZ)

GANZ represents companies and organisations in the gas sector involved in the transportation and trading of gas. The full members are: Nova Energy, Powerco, Gasnet, and Vector. Gas equipment suppliers has a group membership and there are a further 23 associate members. The association’s objectives are to facilitate a safe, effective and sustainable industry.


International Gas Union (IGU)

The International Gas Union (IGU) is a worldwide non-profit organisation registered in Vevey, Switzerland.  The objective of IGU is to promote the technical and economic progress of the gas industry.  The members of IGU are associations and entities of the gas industries in 73 countries. It cooperates with many global energy organisations.


LPG Association (LPGA)

The LPG Association represents all major LPG companies in New Zealand.  The LPG Association exists to serve the interests of its members.  The association promotes the safe and increased use of LPG and works to secure a favourable environment for the production, marketing and distribution of LPG.


New Zealand Institution of Gas Engineers (NZIGE)

NZIGE is an active and supportive network of gas professionals who provide reliable and trusted advice based on our collective knowledge, experience and expertise, and are known across the gas sector for their efficiency, knowledge and progress.



Transpower owns and operates New Zealand’s high-voltage electricity transmission grid, providing a seamless delivery of bulk electricity to towns, cities and major industries across the country.


Last updated 9 June 2015
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