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Interference with gas metering systems

28 March 2013

Businesses are advised to contact the owner or operator of any gas or electricity distribution system if they wish to move any part of that distribution system, including meters. Unauthorised interference can not only be unsafe, it is also interference with another party’s property.

Energy Safety has been investigating a case where a building contractor moved a set of gas metering systems without the consent of the owner of the meters. A group of town houses was being reclad as part of a leaky building project. The building contractor allegedly unfastened the set of eight gas meters from the wall and then pulled them away from the wall by lashing them to scaffolding using ropes. This placed a strain on the gas piping and could have resulted in a gas leak. Since Energy Safety has become involved, the meter owner has been contacted to ensure the meters are safe and secure.

Under the Gas (Safety & Measurement) Regulations (Regulation 15) it is an offence to “interfere with, or move or attempt to move, any of the fittings of a distribution system or gas measurement system” unless the person is authorised to do so or has the permission of the owner. There are near identical provisions within the Electricity (Safety) Regulations in regard to “works" (which includes distribution systems). Energy Safety is considering its enforcement options in this case.