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Core requirements

The fundamental requirements for the electrical product regime.


Who must comply

Everyone who manufactures, imports, sells or offers for sale electrical and/or gas products in New Zealand must ensure those products comply with New Zealand’s established regulatory framework.

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Transition of regulations

Information on the changes and transitional provision under the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010.

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International cooperation and recognition

New Zealand has a number of Mutual Recognition Agreements or Arrangements (MRAs) with its trading partners for Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE).

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Markings and labels

The Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) is a mark that can be used on a product that has been shown to meet the applicable regulatory requirements under electrical safety and electromagnetic legislation.

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Compliance requirements for all electrical products used and sold in New Zealand.

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Other regulatory requirements

There are other electrical safety obligations that importers or manufacturers are required to consider.

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Last updated 28 May 2012
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