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Test & tag regime

All appliances and leads including drills and other hand-held tools that are connected to the electrical supply must be protected by an RCD.

Conduct a daily check of hand-held tools for broken parts and damaged cords. Before checking, turn them off and unplug them. Tools should be kept in a clean condition, to do this clean them with a dry cloth.

Testing and tagging detects defects that may not be easy to see. Testing and tagging only confirms that equipment is safe at the time of testing.

If electrical equipment has a current tag it is deemed to be safe.

There is no legal requirement for test and tag in accordance with AS/NZS 3760 to be used at home or at work.

However, a similar level of safety, including actual minimisation of electric shock will be provided if:

  • electrical equipment is connected to an RCD-protected supply, and
  • equipment users look for signs of damage and check the functioning of equipment guards (where applicable) every day

Where a minor electric shock may cause a dangerous involuntary reaction – such as a fall from height or a fall onto equipment, RCD protection of electrical equipment must be used and the electrical devices inspected prior to use.

Record test results and keep them on site. Immediately remove any equipment that fails testing or inspection, and clearly label or secure it so it can’t be used.

Last updated 16 September 2016
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