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Gas appliances and fittings

There is a general obligation on every person who manufactures, imports, sells or offers for sale, hires out, leases out, or installs a gas appliance or fittings to take all practicable steps to ensure that the gas appliance or fittings are safe. This applies to appliances and fittings whether new or used, or imported as part of an installation such as a caravan.

While there is a general requirement under the Regulations for all gas products to be safe, the New Zealand regulatory environment establishes the limits of fundamental safety. The Regulations specify aspects of the gas appliance design and construction that are not permissible, e.g. deemed to be unsafe.

The factors identified as being unsafe are also used as the basis for enforcement, including prohibition.

Gas appliances must be safe when used with the gas for which they are intended. This is typically either natural gas, which must conform to NZS 5442, or LPG, which must conform to NZS 5435.

Note: the characteristics of the gases supplied in New Zealand differ from those used in many other countries.

Core requirements

The fundamental requirements for the Gas Product Regime. This includes who must comply, transitional arrangements, and compliance.

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Supplier Declaration of Compliance

The importer or New Zealand manufacturer of a product of a type covered under the Certification Regime is required to make a Supplier Declaration of Compliance (SDoC) before they supply the product. Specified fittings and declared articles may also require an SDoC.

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Certification Regime

The Certification Regime provides recognised four equivalent certification regimes.

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Safety Compliance Label

Regulatory requirements for the gas appliance compliance label.

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Endorsement Regime

Endorsement of gas appliances and specified fittings that may not otherwise meet the requirements of the regulations for certification.

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Specified Fittings

Information outlining the safety requirements for fittings in connection with the supply and use of gas.

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Declared Articles

Under the Gas (Safety and Measurement) Regulations 2010 (Regulation 60-62) certain products are referred to as Declared Articles.

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Operational Safety

This page outlines the safe use of gas appliances. It includes a subheading on responsibilities for hire.

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Product Information

Energy Safety produces guidance for the gas industry on specific issues relating to products.

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Last updated 22 June 2016
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