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Specified Fittings

The term fittings means everything used, designed, or intended for use in connection with the supply, distribution, compression, or use of gas.  The Gas (Safety and Measurement) Regulations 2010 require that all gas fittings be safe.

Certain fittings, referred to as Specified Fittings, may be identified by Energy Safety through a Gazette notice in order to provide additional controls to ensure compliance. Specified fittings are required to either be certified under Regulation 54, or be endorsed under Regulation 57.

The Gazette notice may also require that any importer or New Zealand manufacturer of a specified fitting must complete a Supplier Declaration of Compliance on the Gas Appliance Supplier Declaration Database on the Energy Safety website.


List of Specified Fittings

A current list of specified fittings in connection with the supply and use of gas.

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Last updated 24 September 2015
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