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Selling electrical appliances and equipment

Sale and supply of electrical appliances and equipment online is an attractive business sales channel, but it comes with the same responsibilities as those in the retail industry. There is no difference between an individual and a large retail chain when it comes to the legal obligations for selling electrical products. All sellers must comply with the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010.

If you want to sell an appliance in New Zealand it must be safe.

The answers to the following questions may indicate that an electrical appliance or item of equipment might not be recognised as being safe.

  • Does it have the right plug?
  • Do the markings indicate that it is safe to operate at 230 volts?
  • Does it have instructions for safe use in English?
  • Can the supplier give you a test report showing that it complies with a relevant electrical safety Standard?

Note | The marking of a product with a CE mark has no validity nor offers assurance that the product is suitable in New Zealand.


Some products require specific documentation before it is offered for sale


For a list of those products see the electricity Gazette notice Supplier Declaration required for certain types of Electrical Appliances and Fittings – 23 November 2006.

Before the sale of any of these product categories it is recommended to seek specialist technical advice.


Applicable Standards

Schedule 4 of the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010 lists Standards that may be used to demonstrate compliance with New Zealand’s requirements for electrical safety. Commonly available product types are likely to have a standard listed from one of the following series:

  • For Household appliances AS/NZS 60335.
  • For Power supplies and chargers AS/NZS AS/NZS 61558 series (or possibly AS/NZS 60335.2.29 or AS/NZS 60950 or AS/NZS 60065, depending upon intended usage).
  • For IT equipment AS/NZS 60950.
  • For Audio and video appliances AS/NZS 60065.
  • For lighting appliances AS/NZS 60598.
Last updated 29 May 2012
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