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Safe living with electricity

Electricity overview
Home and family
Outdoor and recreation
Electrical work
What to do in an electrical emergency

Find out how electricity works, and general safety and buying and selling information on electrical equipment and appliances.


Find out about information about fuses and circuit breakers, how to make your home safe for children, and a few simple checks to determine safety with electrical appliances.


Special care is needed with electricity outdoors. Find out what to be aware of with power lines, underground cables, when using electrical tools and equipment, and while on the farm and maintaining your home. Also find information on water safety and caravans and motorhomes.


Find out what to look for when you are getting electrical work done and what you need to know when doing your own, plus information about electrical safety devices.


Find out what to do if someone has an electric shock, if there is an electrical fire, or if electrical wires have fallen down.