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Electrical equipment and appliances

Useful general safety information on electrical equipment and appliances include:

  • New appliances are more likely to have the latest safety features.  If you are buying a second-hand appliance make sure it has been safety tested.  Check that all the safety features work and that the appliance has the right plug and is of the correct voltage for New Zealand.
  • Regularly check your appliances for broken parts and/or damaged cords.  Turn off and unplug all electrical appliances first.  Clean them with a dry cloth.
  • To avoid overloading a circuit, limit the number of appliances plugged into one outlet.
  • If an appliance repeatedly blows a fuse, trips a circuit breaker or has given you a shock, disconnect it immediately.  Have it repaired by a licensed electrical worker, or replace it.  Always get your appliance repaired by a qualified person.  Ask for an Electrical Safety Certificate when they have completed the work.  This shows the appliance has been repaired to approved safety standards. 


Buying and selling appliances

All electrical appliances offered for sale in New Zealand, including second-hand appliances, must be safe.

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Regardless of the type of room heater, always follow the instructions for its installation and use.

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Electric blankets

Electric blankets need to be checked regularly.

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Clothes dryers

Always install, maintain and use your appliance as instructed by the manufacturer.

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Small appliances

Always install, maintain and use your appliance as instructed by the manufacturer.

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Hot water cylinders

Hot water cylinders need to be set to the correct temperature.

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Lighting safety tips.

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Safety tips on the usage and wiring of plugs.

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Multi-boxes are multiple electrical sockets mounted onto a portable case. This allows you to plug in several appliances at once.

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Cords and leads

Tips to avoid potential electrical shocks or fires when using extension cords.

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