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Electricity outdoors

Take special care around electricity outdoors.  Whether you are working or playing near it, or using electrical equipment, be aware of the dangers.

Before you do any work near power lines or underground cables, arrange with your local electricity retailer to identify any problems or disconnect the supply.  This work might be painting your house, trimming trees, cleaning guttering, replacing spouting or roofing, repairing chimneys or excavating a property.

Never touch overhead power lines, underground cables, or the bare conductors that connect them to the house, as this could be fatal.


Outdoor safety tips

  • Never build or store material under power wires, and so reduce the clearance height.  Remember that children are fond of climbing, and wires look tempting.
  • Keep in mind the clearance requirements when undertaking house extensions and renovations, such as installing new windows or building a deck
  • Watch that ladder!  When carrying an aluminium ladder, long lengths of pipe, or any metal object, keep them as horizontal as possible. Take particular care when passing under overhead wires.
  • Before starting work on a roof, make sure no aerial lines pass overhead.  If they do, arrange with the local electricity retailer to have them protected, or isolated before starting work.
  • Flying kites near power lines is extremely dangerous to the kite flyer and can disrupt power to other consumers.
  • Teach your children never to climb up power pylons, on any roof, or near wires, whether to retrieve a lost ball, a model aircraft or anything else.


Electricity is a very powerful servant - for everyone's sake, follow the safety rules.


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Last updated 28 May 2012
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