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RCD recall

RCD branded PDL POWERGUARD Vertical Switched Socket

  • PDL Cat: 691RCD30WH; and


RCD branded PDL POWERGUARD Rewireable Cord-set

  • PDL Cat: 955RW; 953/15; 954; 955; 955/10; NT955BULK; 956


The Residual Current Devices may not provide any protection against electric shock or fire as intended, in the event of an electrical fault in connected electrical equipment.

Batch code 0507 (week 05 of 2007) sold nationally between March 2007 and January 2008. Please refer to the below images to locate the position of the batch code:


Cat 691RCD30 - under removable clip-on cover plate.

Cat 955RW (and other cord-set products) on side of the RCD device.


Safety Issue

Failure of the RCD to operate as intended may result in serious harm, electrocution and/or fire.


What to do

If you identify the 0507 batch code you should stop using the products and immediately seek advice from the number below. The products from the 0507 batch code will be replaced free of charge.

Contact Schneider Electric NZ Ltd by:

Instructions will be provided on how each product will be replaced upon contacting us.


No other PDL items are affected.


Recall Notice advert [244 kB PDF]


Last updated 17 April 2012
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