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Record of Inspection (RoI)

A RoI is a formal document detailing an inspection of high-risk prescribed electrical work (PEW) as required by Regulation 72 of the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010. Regulation 72 also specifies the information required on the RoI.

The RoI provides a legally recognisable written record of what high-risk PEW was inspected and by whom. It may also be used for the purpose of connection, and utilised for other purposes, including auditing and investigations.

High-risk prescribed electrical work has to be inspected by a person authorised to inspect such work. However, that person may not inspect such work if they have personally carried out the work, supervised someone else carrying out the work or issued a CoC for the work.

The person doing the inspection must produce a written record of the inspection. This record must identify what was inspected, and be signed and dated by the person doing the inspection. As proposed, the RoI1 must record the:

  • status of compliance with Regulation70(3) (a) and (b) of the 2012 Amendments;
  • name and registration number of the inspector;
  • name(s) and registration number(s) of person(s) certifying the high-risk work;
  • confirmation that the high-risk work complies with the regulations and is safe – Regulation 70(3) (a) and (b) of the 2012 Amendments.


In addition, under proposed 2013 amendments:

  • copies of RoIs must be retained by the electrical inspector and made available in a similar manner to a CoC;
  • A RoI will have to be sighted before high-risk work can be connected to supply.

The person doing the inspection is also responsible for entering specific details relating to the work on the Electricity and Gas High-risk Database which will be hosted on the Energy Safety website.


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1 Note: This description is based on proposed amendments to the 2012 certification regime (referred to as the 2013 Amendments). The 2012 certification regime originally required the RoI to be attached to each CoC rather than attaching the CoC to the RoI, and did not have specific requirements to retention of ROIs or supply them on request. 


Last updated 5 May 2014
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