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Gas Regulations Exemption form

Below are notes on the completion of application form for WorkSafe’s exemption for requirements under regulation 85 of the Gas (Safety & Measurement) Regulations 2010.

A fee of $408.89 (including GST) must accompany the application. Cheques are to be made out to WorkSafe New Zealand and should be marked "not negotiable".

An application for exemption must specify the precise exemption being sought and demonstrate how safety will be ensured if the exemption is granted. Supporting information should be attached to the application.

Please contact info@energysafety.govt.nz for further assistance when applying for an exemption.


Please forward the form and fee, and direct any requests for further information to:

Energy Safety
PO Box 165
Wellington 6140
New Zealand

This form is approved by the Manager, Energy Safety, acting under delegated authority from the Chief Executive, WorkSafe New Zealand.


Last updated 3 November 2014
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