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Gas label and mark

[image] Gas Safety Compliance label - Colour.

When used for gas product, this label/mark is called the Gas Safety Compliance label, and when used for gas installation work it is called the Gas Authentication Mark. 


Gas safety compliance label

The Regulations require gas appliances to be labelled with the gas safety compliance label. It must be no smaller than 15mm in height, and be permanently affixed to the appliance, clearly visible to the installer and as near as possible to the model identification of the product.


Gas Authentication Mark

The Authentication Mark must appear on both the Certificate of Compliance (CoC) and the Gas Safety Certificate (GSC) to show that these are legitimate documents. However, if the CoC and GSC are combined, the Mark only needs to appear once.

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[image] Colour gas safety compliance label.


Black and grey:

[image] Black and grey gas safety compliance label.



[image] Monochrome gas safety compliance label.


Last updated 16 September 2014
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