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Monitoring accidents, incidents and alerts

Regular market monitoring of electrical and gas installations and networks through audits and inspections is Energy Safety’s proactive approach to maintaining the compliance framework and promoting the appropriate steps to safe installation.

Our approach to market monitoring is to:

  • ensure that electrical and gas installations, works and distribution systems comply with the Regulations
  • strengthen relationships with the electrical and gas installers, designers and operators
  • strengthen relationships with electrical and gas network owners and operators
  • improve Energy Safety’s understanding of the marketplace
  • maintain the value of a safe electrical and gas installation
  • maintain the integrity of the installations and networks safety regime
  • provide a level playing field for operators
  • target non-compliance.

In order to determine trends, notifiable electrical injury accidents and notifiable and non-notifiable gas accident information collected since 1993 has also been analysed. This information is available in the publications section on our website in Accident summaries.

Last updated 10 April 2012
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