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‘Works’ means any fittings that are used, or designed or intended for use, in or in connection with the generation, conversion, transformation, or conveyance of electricity; but does not include any part of an electrical installation.

The requirements relating to Works around safety obligations and Safety Management Systems (SMS)



DesignChoice of design

Must take into account whether installation will operate under Safety Management System (SMS). Can be constructed as low voltage installations (Reg 38)
General safety requirements (Reg 14)

ConstructionConstruction process

General safety rules Reg 34 and 36


Reg 41(1)(2) and 47 to 55


Reg 41(3)(4) and 42 to 46

(Reg 38) unless constructed as low voltage installations

Documentation required only if the person testing is different from person connecting
Reg 38(3)

ConnectionSafety check

Check power supply as specified on
Reg 38(2)

Periodic verificationIn service safety verification

Reg 41(1)(2)

Reg 51 and statutory declaration Reg 53 at least once every 5 years


Safety obligations

There is a general obligation on everyone who designs, constructs, maintains, uses or manages a distribution system to ensure the distribution system is safe.

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Safety Management System (SMS)

A Safety Management System (SMS) requires that all practicable steps should be taken to prevent the electricity supply system from presenting a significant risk of serious harm to any persons or property damage.

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Last updated 28 May 2012
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