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Compliance framework

Gas installation and networks compliance framework

The compliance framework is contained in Acts, regulations and standards.

  • Gas Act – provides the framework for gas installations and gas networks (termed “distribution systems” in the Act and Regulations).
  • Plumbers Gasfitters and Drainlayers Act – defines “gasfitting” and regulates who may do gasfitting work.
  • Gas (Safety and Measurement) Regulations – describe the requirements for gas distribution systems, gas installations, certification of gasfitting, and gas appliances.
  • Standards – provide technical performance requirements and means of compliance.


The Gas (Safety and Measurement) Regulations 2010 make requirements for gas work to be carried out safely, and for the completed work to be safe.

There is a general obligation on everyone who designs, constructs, maintains, uses or manages a distribution system to ensure the distribution system is safe. From 4 May 2013, owners and operators of major gas supply systems are required to implement and maintain a Safety Management System (SMS).

The majority of technical rules for installations are contained within AS/NZS 5601. This includes testing and commissioning. Requirements for certification are contained in the Regulations.


Last updated 14 August 2013
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