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Welcome to the Electricity and Gas High-risk Database

This database provides a record of where high-risk gasfitting or electrical installation work has been completed since 1 July 2013.

It includes records for residential, commercial and relocatable installations.

To search the database, start typing the address you are looking for in the address search below.

Read more about the Electricity and Gas High-risk database

* Select Address Type:
Cron Pattern

A 'physical installation address' is one which is likely to be a street address or equivalent. Start typing address information in the search box and possible matches will be displayed. A partial address can be added, for instance "12 high petone" will find "12 High Street Petone Lower Hutt 5012".

Do not use a slash mark when searching for flats. Typing "1 6 granvi" will find "Flat 1, 6 Granville St", typing "1/6 gran" will not.

If your address cannot be found, try entering more details and check the spelling.

If still not found, a new address can be entered - click on "NO ADDRESS FOUND - ENTER MANUAL ADDRESS". Enter all relevant details.

A ‘relocatable installation’ is not likely to have a fixed address - for example a motorhome, caravan or marine vessel. Select the relocatable address type from the drop-down list, and enter the relevant unique identifier (such as registration number or chassis number).

* Select Address Type:
New Zealand

Relocatable Installation