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Installation fault notice form

Use this form for reporting an installation fault to the owner/occupier and Energy Safety.

If you are a layperson and you believe that your installation or appliance is dangerous, you should immediately turn off the appliance or energy supply and contact a licensed energy worker. More information on living safely with gas and electricity is available on this website.

If you are an energy worker and you believe you have identified an installation where there is an immediate, existing danger (that is, where the actual danger to life or property, if not averted, would result in harm to people or property in the immediate future) then you have a duty to report it.

In such situations, the energy worker should immediately inform the owner or occupier and seek permission to make the scene safe.

They should only then contact Energy Safety. It is important to note that the Energy Safety is not an emergency service.

A good practice guide is available for gasfitters dealing with how they should respond to installation faults they discover.

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Table 1: Immediately dangerous to life or property

any person entitled to carry out gas fitting/prescribed electrical work and who is carrying out gas fitting/prescribed electrical work (or inspecting prescribed electrical work) and who believes on reasonable grounds that a gas/electrical installation, fitting or appliance presents immediate danger to life or property shall, as soon as practicable, advise the owner or occupier of the property where the danger exists, and the Secretary (ES), of that danger.

I must advise you that your appliance or installation is considered to be 'Immediately Dangerous' and if it is used it will create a danger to life or property. It should be turned off and disconnected in the interests of safety.

It is immediately dangerous because:

It should not be used until work has been carried out to correct the deficiencies identified. It is an offence to use an unsafe gas/electrical installation.
With your permission I have (tick as appropriate)

Table 2: Presents a risk to life or property

your gas/electrical appliance or installation does not comply with current regulations, standards and codes and may in the future constitute a danger to life or property. It is recommended that it should not be used until work has been carried out to correct the deficiencies identified. It may be an offence to own, operate or use a gas/electrical appliance or installation knowing it is at risk.

It is at risk because:

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Last updated 6 June 2014