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Product appliance complaint form

Use this form to report a safety problem with your electrical or gas, product or appliance.

If you are a consumer, problems with electrical or gas products or services should first be resolved with the retailer or service provider using the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act. The Citizens Advice Bureau can provide further advice (0800 367 222).

But if you believe there is a direct safety issue with an electrical or gas product (especially if it is a generic problem) then you should also advise Energy Safety. Use this form if you think there is a safety problem with your electrical or gas product or appliance that Energy Safety should know about. This might include things like:

  • A design or manufacturing fault.
  • A problem with inadequate instructions or markings.


Please fill in as much of this form as possible.

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Personal details
Product or appliance of concern
Type of product or appliance

Product or appliance information
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Does it bear a standards number or a certification mark?

Consumer action
Who have you contacted (please tick all those that apply)
How did you contact the retailer?
What was the response of the retailer?

How did you contact the distributor?
What was the response of the distributor?

How did you contact the manufacturer?
What was the response of the manufacturer?

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Please note

If you wish to retain a copy of this form, select first the "Generate as PDF" button to save or print a copy.

To send the form to Energy Safety select the “Submit Appliance complaint“ button. Please note that submitting the form clears all entered data, and you will no longer be able to save a copy.

Last updated 14 September 2012