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Supplier registration /Edit supplier registration - help

Help on Supplier Registration


Company details

Declarer section 


The gas appliance certification regime, which began on 4th May 2010, has a three year transition to a third party certification system for all appliances that use gas. During the transition either the old or new systems must be used. Until 1 July 2013, products may be sold under the transitional provision that allows the old regime’s system to be used. After this date however, these products will no longer be saleable.

There are two parts for the supplier registration; the details of the company that will be supplying the gas appliance and then the details of the person making the declaration.


Company details

It is important that a New Zealand entity is registered. The Gas Regulations only apply in New Zealand and the supplier declaration regime applies to the importer or New Zealand manufacturer.

It is important that the full, legal name of the company is entered, as registered in the Companies Office. If the company is trading under another name it is permissible to include that but it should be in the format "Appliance Imports Ltd trading as Gourmet Ovens".

If the business is not a registered company then the owner of the business should enter their full name. Again, a “trading as” format may be used, for instance "John Paul Smith trading as Gourmet Ovens".

Under the 1993 regulations most suppliers will register as a Tier 1 supplier. The Tier 2 level is generally for suppliers who are importing or manufacturing "one-off" appliances. If you are going to be supplying more than 10 of an appliance that you are declaring you must register as a Tier 1 supplier and make your declarations on the website. Do not register as a Tier 2 supplier if you are going to be making declarations under the 2010 regime.

The phone; fax; website and email contact details in the Company section will appear on the public view of the declaration.


Declarer Section

The declarer or personal section is where the details of the person making the declaration are entered. These details are not available to the public but are needed by Energy Safety to contact the company (and are required by the regulations).

The full name of the person responsible for making the declarations must be entered.

It is in this section that the User ID and Password are selected. The password must be at least 8 characters long and contain both letters and numbers.

For the most part the declarer will be part of the company and have the same address and postal details but it is possible that the declarer may be located elsewhere. If that is the case then the appropriate fields should be completed.

It is important that a telephone number for the declarer is provided so that Energy Safety can contact the supplier if there is any problem.


Last updated 9 May 2012