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Electricity & Gas High-risk Database

The Electricity and Gas High-risk Database (EGHR Database) is a centralised record of high-risk gasfitting and installation prescribed electrical work (PEW).

Information is entered by authorised people, including certifying gasfitters and electrical inspectors, or their delegates. 

Access the Database now.

A selection of tools and resources are available to help you with general information, access and entering records on the database.


Information on certification changes for gasfitting and PEW

Linked below are tools and resources about the regulatory changes for gasfitting and electrical installation work, effective from 1 July 2013:

Electricity Guide

Gas Guide


Energy Safety commissioned Standards New Zealand to prepare 2 video presentations for electrical practitioners that explain two key aspects of the Electrical (Safety) Regulations 2010:

  • The risk categorisation of prescribed electrical work (PEW), including examples of high risk, low risk, and general work
  • The certification of electrical work, covering requirements such as Certificates of Compliance, Records of Inspection and Electrical Safety Certificates, explaining who is responsible for completing certificates, and the information that must be recorded. This video also explains the purpose of the Electricity and Gas High Risk Database, and record keeping requirements for those who carry out PEW.

These videos can be viewed on the Standards New Zealand website


User guide to the EGHR database

Step by step guides for users on how to enter information on to the EGHR database.

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What is the Electricity and Gas High-risk Database

Questions and Answers on the new online Electricity and Gas High-risk Database which records information on electrical work and gasfitting that is classified as "high-risk".

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Last updated 3 May 2018